New Products coming soon

Our designers are busy creating an expanded collection of exciting new outdoor play products. Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding a whole host of new items to the website, things like our new ‘Little Brave’s Tipi’ which you can already find here. We are also further updating and improving our range of Timber Trail equipment.

One of our key concerns when designing our new products (apart from making sure that they are all super fun and provide excellent learning opportunities for the children, obviously!) was the cost of installation. We are very aware that one of, if not the biggest expense when it comes to purchasing new equipment for your outdoor space is installation, very often costing more than the equipment itself. We have always tried to minimise the amount of time needed to assemble our shelters and play equipment in order to reduce the cost of installation and make sure that as much of your budget as possible is spent on the things that add a measurable benefit to your outdoor space.

Check back in on us soon to see what we have been adding to the website, we are really looking forward to showing off our great new ideas and cannot wait to get them into the hands of the people that really matter, the children!